Rockhopper Exploration appoints Liberum Corporate Broker

27 January 2014 | Corporate Brokerships

Rockhopper Exploration plc, (RKH.L), a UK-based oil and gas exploration company with a £400m market capitalisation and interests in the Falkland Islands, has appointed Liberum as Corporate Broker. Following a transaction in 2012 with Premier Oil, Rockhopper is fully financed through the development of the major Sea Lion discovery and retains cash for further exploration.

Rockhopper website >> 

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Corporate Access: Jenni Herbert +44 (0) 20 3100 2239

The impact of freezing UK energy prices

24 January 2014 | Mentions of Liberum

Labour leader Ed Miliband pledged at the party’s conference on September 24th, 2013 to freeze UK gas and electricity bills for 20 months if it wins a May 2015 general election.

In this presentation made at a Cornwall Energy conference in London Thursday, Liberum Utilities analyst Peter Atherton reviews the impact of that commitment.

His colleague Mulu Sun contributed to this presentation.

Peter Atherton >> +44 (0) 20 3100 2088

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Design partner Bibliothèque details Liberum corporate identity project

22 January 2014 | Mentions of Liberum

Bibliothèque, the design partner that Liberum worked with on its rebranding, has posted details of the project on its website.

Bibliothèque website >>

"A cornerstone of Liberum's approach is to 'cut through' other market noise to research that counts for all its corporate clients," explains Bibliothèque founding partner Tim Beard. 

"This dynamic attitude, is reflected in a new logotype and visual language which embodies a fresh, distinctive, and tailored approach to its business," he adds.

The Liberum research note, he says, "is one of the hardest working tools in the Libeurm communications palette. It needs to convey detailed information, to analysts and investors, with both efficiency and clarity. Bibliotheque developed the systems and visual language, that has been translated into templates for all research communications."

An article on the project can also be found in Design Week.

Design Week article >>

Tim Beard, Bibliothèque +44(0) 20 7377 8060

Adam Smallman, Liberum Head of Content +44 (0) 20 3100 2177


St Giles Trust mentoring programme kicks off

20 January 2014 | Mentions of Liberum

Liberum staff are to shortly start mentoring employees of St Giles Trust, a charity that aims to help break the cycle of prison, crime and disadvantage and create safer communities. Many of St Giles' staff are former offenders.

Click on the seven-minute video above to hear the views and experiences of St Giles staff, Timpson CEO James Timpson, Liberum CEO Simon Stilwell and Richard Branson.

St Giles Trust is one of two anchor charities that The Liberum Foundation supports. Click here to visit the Foundation's page >>


Volta Finance names Liberum Broker

17 January 2014 | Corporate Brokerships

Volta Finance Limited (VTA.NL, market capitalisation £219m) has named Liberum as Corporate Broker.

Volta Finance is a Guernsey-listed fund whose objective is to preserve capital and provide a stable stream of income to its shareholders through dividends.

The Company targets an annual dividend of not less than 10% p.a. of NAV. Volta makes investments with exposure to five principal asset classes: corporate credits, CDOs, ABS, leveraged loans and infrastructure assets.

Volta Finance website >>

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Corporate Access: Regan Connor +44 (0) 20 3100 2021

Fibre infrastructure leader CityFibre names Liberum Broker

17 January 2014 | Corporate Brokerships

CityFibre Infrastructure Holdings plc (AIM: CFHL), the UK's largest independent provider of fibre infrastructure to mid-sized cities and major towns, has named Liberum as Broker.

CityFibre owns, builds and operates fibre optic infrastructure and is providing gigabit-capable infrastructure for enterprise and public sector organisations, service providers, mobile network operators and businesses.  

The Company is well placed to play a significant role in the deployment of fibre optic networks to meet the growing demand for increasing connectivity speeds as data usage grows exponentially. This is driven by widespread use of the internet and the proliferation and rapid adoption of cloud computing applications.

CityFibre website >>

Liberum Investment Banking: Simon AtkinsonSteven Tredget or Richard Bootle +44 (0) 20 3100 2222.